BJJ Rules for Arashi Do

Rules of the Academy

At Arashi Do Martial Arts we have a set standard of rules.  Let me just state that a lot is changing and developing in the world of Jiu-Jitsu at a pleasantly alarming rate due to its popularity, effectiveness in MMA, and its universal application for just about anyone. Each academy and instructor may feel differently in how they implement their rules.

Our school also caters to traditional Martial Arts and this crowd is usually a little bit stricter when it comes to local rules. By following the rules below you we be perceived as very respectful and will be welcomed with open arms.

1. Bow upon entering the mat.

2. Be on time for class (try to arrive 10 minutes before class begins).

3. The assigned instructor is in charge of the class – regardless of age or rank.

4. All changing of clothes will occur in the locker room (must have shirt on or gi top on mat area).

5. Absolutely no cussing at any time.

6. Treat all others, including yourself, with the respect that you would like to be given.

7. Students must wear uniform (gi and belt).

8. Keep all uniforms and gear clean.

9. No Gi classes require shorts or gi pants and a tight fitting tee shirt or rash guard.

10. Proper personal hygiene is a must.

11. Remove and take care of all jewelry.

12. Keep finger nails and toe nails cut short at all times.

13. Open cuts must be covered at all times.

14. Line up against the wall according to belt rank as the class begins.

15. Give higher ranked belts preferred space during sparring.

16. Shake your opponent’s hand before and after each sparring session.

17. Headgear is available to all students during sparring upon request.

18. Mouth guards are encouraged during sparring.

19. If you are sick, please stay home.

20. If you have any existing injuries notify your partner and the instructor prior to training.

21. NO:

a. striking

b. hair pulling

c. eye gouging

d. finger and toe locks (small joint manipulation)

e. neck cranks

f. heel hooks (unless partner agrees)

g. knee locks (unless partner agrees)

h. slamming of any kind, including from the guard or when caught in a submission.

Follow our school’s rules. If you break the rules, then the standard at our school will fall, and eventually it will be a place of no respect. Not following the rules in many instances will get you or someone else hurt. Don’t be that guy—don’t be that guy who thinks he runs someone else’s studio and believes everyone should bow down to him, and he is never to blame. You are not more important than anyone else.