Your Clothing and Self Defense

The clothing you wear on the street will differ from what you wear in the martial arts training hall. Be aware of the limitations of blue jeans or a heavy winter coat. If you are wearing a scarf, it can be used against you in a choke, tie-up, or unbalancing move. Shoes or boots are good for kicking, since you don’t have to worry about getting your toes or ankles busted. However, they also slow you down, particularly if they are bulky. It is a good idea to train in street clothes once in a while, at least enough to make you aware of the limitations.

Your clothing and the way you stand can also restrict the use of your hands. For example, a verbal argument, if handled appropriately, will buy you time. But you must still be ready for the physical attack. If you cross your arms over your chest in an attempt to assume a non-threatening stance, don’t interlace your arms. Cross them straight, so that you can quickly come off with a strike, grab, or defensive move, without running the risk of your hands getting entangled in your own arms. It is not recommended for you to keep your hands in your pockets, it’s unlikely you will be able to withdraw them fast enough before your opponent makes contact.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu offers specialized training in dealing with Standing and Ground Self Defense situations where someone may be trying to use your clothing against you.  By consistant training in BJJ you will be able to not only use your Attackers atire against them, but your own clothing as well.


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