Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Tricks For Beginners


One of my favorite things is watching peoples disbelief when a move is applied effortlessly.  I love the look of amazement and confusion on their face.  It really is like doing magic tricks to kids.  I’m going to share a couple things with you that will help you next time you roll but like any magic trick, the more complicated it is the more practice it takes… depending on who you are trying to fool.

Be Stronger NOW!

As a beginner it can be very difficult rolling when you are not sure what to do or when to do it.  On top of that your partner is trying to bend and twist you up until you tap.  I see beginners fatigue quickly over and over and then succumb to defeat, mentally and physically exhausted.  Here is a trick to help you out next time you roll and it’s super easy.

KEEP YOUR ELBOWS IN!  By keeping your elbows close to your hips you become much stronger physically, which means while you are rolling you will use less energy.  An add on to this is to have your hands up by you neck to defend choke attempts.

Your opponent will use a lot more energy trying to dig out your elbows which is something he will need to do to get any arm submission and make choking you much more difficult.


BJJ Class Postcard

Escape Easier

Building off the structure made from the last tip will also help you escape easier.  By keeping your elbow in in stops your opponent from controlling your armpits with their arm. They will want to get this underhook position to keep you flat, which in turn makes your escapes more difficult and starts to separate your elbow from your ribs so they can attack more.

By getting these underhooks of your own it will allow you to move easier and create more space without leaving your arms exposed.  Having underhooks will also allow you to get on your side more which means you will carry a lot less weight of your opponent.


A Sneaky Armlock

Sorry for the crappy music in the intro, turn the audio down for the first 30 sec.



If you’ve been BJJ for a couple months, or are an avid watcher of MMA, then you can appreciate what a couple slick tricks can do.

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