Self Defense


The biggest and most important part of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is knowing where it came from and what was it’s purpose.

BJJ, like every orther Martial Art was intended for Self Defense.  Many modern schools overlook this facet and tend to focus on the exciting and dynamic sport style of grappling made famous by the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships).

At Arashi Do Martial Arts we develop a strong foundation in BJJ through understanding Self Defense and once a base has been established, the next logical step is to apply the techniques with resistance… thus the sport of BJJ is introduced.

A common class at Arashi Do will include a warm up of sport specific movements, a Standing Self Defense technique or two, a ground technique and then some sport specific drilling situation to finish off the class.  This is the best part as you get to challenge the skills against the many assistants in the class.

Come on down to any of the 7 Edmonton and Area location to see what has made Arashi Do Martial Arts so popular.

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BJJ in the North East!!!

Arashi Do is very excited to announce our newest location on the Eastside at 12127 54 st.

This new dojo wil be run by BJJ Black Belt, Professor Neil Armstrong along with his wife, BJJ Purple Belt Shannon Armstrong.

We are very excited for Prof. Neil and his family, all of whom train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Prof. Neil has a wealth of knowledge in BJJ and is excited to have you come out and see just how incredibly fun and empowering Jiu Jitsu can be.

If you would like to get started now is the time.  He is offering a 30% discount to the first 30 people to join with an annual membership (half of which have already been scooped up).

Contact us at or call or text us at 780-217-5406 to reserve your spot


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